Wedding ceremony in St Gallen Cathedral by photographer in Switzerland. Inna Zaytseva Photography / Photographer in Munich, content creation


“Inna was a great choice for our wedding, she was a calm rock at our special day. She has the ability to relax the crowd and that is visible in her photos. Booking her and communication was extremely easy and Inna can be fully relied on! She went above and beyond with the polishing of the photos and delivered an outstanding results. We absolutely love our Photos - THANK YOU!”

Best place to have a church ceremony in St Gallen, Switzerland

wedding photography in St Gallen Cathedral 

On a sunny day in the heart of St. Gallen, Switzerland, I had the amazing opportunity to document the wedding ceremony of a beautiful couple set against the backdrop of the majestic walls of the St. Gallen Cathedral. As a wedding photographer and human being, I was impressed with the historical size and richness of this magnificent place. 

St. Gallen Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of Saint Gall. It is a delight of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Its awe-inspiring structure stands as a testament to centuries of history, with its imposing spiers and intricate details creating an atmosphere that transcends time. The sheer size of the cathedral added a sense of grandeur to the wedding ceremony.

Every intimate moment, from the tender hugs in the beginning to the exchange of rings, was captured against the backdrop of the cathedral’s monumental architecture.

I also remember a beautiful moment that I saw during the ceremony. So many times couples are nervous and almost forget to live through the day. As a wedding photographer, I try to keep reminding them to relax, breathe and enjoy :)

Here the bride, Celine, took the moment and watched into the air of the cathedral for a while. I sensed it, as we discussed later, correctly: she tried to remember every second and record it into her memory. Remember how the body feels at that moment. So powerful! I still remember those beautiful blue eyes during that moment.

Seeking refuge from the sun, the wedding party continued in the backyard, where a shade provided the perfect setting for refreshing aperitive cocktails. Love this tendency to have an aperitivo during the wedding in Switzerland. 

Together with a couple we escaped for 20 minutes for the couple’s wedding photo session. We approached the photo session with a blend of creativity and efficiency, ensuring we captured the couple’s love story in a series of candid and beautifully composed shots and did not make our guests wait for long.

In postproduction, I decided to remove all the tourists from the background. Obviously, the area around the Cathedral is the heart of St.Gallen’s city centre and filled with crowds. 

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for the wedding in St Gallen area or some other place in Switzerland, I am happy to help.  


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