Inna Zaytseva is a photographer based in Germany, having been educated in Moscow, Berlin and London. Frequently working on projects in Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. These 4 different destinations, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Italy are important to her. 

Inna takes pictures on both analogue and digital cameras, focusing on visual concepts, art shots, and taboo topics where a delicate approach is needed.

Inna continues to pursue her art and professional knowledge while collaborating with businesses and private clients, creating significant experiences through her photography. Her passion for capturing moments transforms into timeless visual stories that transcend boundaries.

Made a project about people who are forced to use a wheelchair in the fashion style of Wheeling heart. The project got exhibited in the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, then in Munich, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland.

She values personal connections and family relationships. Since 2011 she also brought her knowledge from art and editorial photography to weddings. 

Inna has an interest in video, drawing urban sketches, fashion and gardening.

Inna Zaytseva photographer

Photographer and storyteller
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National Research University — Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Metropolitan University, London

Universität der Künste, Berlin


2020 January, Wheeling Heart, PhotoZÜRICH, Zurich, Switzerland 

2019 November, Wheeling Heart, PhotoMÜNCHEN, Praterinsel, München, Germany 

2019 October, Omnia Vincit Amor, Château-Hôtel Le Sallay, France 

2017 September, Wheeling Heart, German Embassy in Moscow 

2017 June, Wheeling Heart, Thomson Reuters, Moscow 

2017 June, Wheeling Heart, Deutsche Bank, Moscow 

2017, May-July, Wheeling Heart, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow 

2014-2016, Grass is Greener on the Other Side, Moscow 

2012-2014 About Love, Moscow


BMW, Pampers, Disney, KPMG, Abbott, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Tailor, Oda, Versace, Liu Jo, American Eagle, Ecco, Chanel, General Electric, Seeberger, Modenese Gastone, Antonella Rossi, Wolfcraft, Unica, Valeo, Fosagro, Tonies, International Chess Federation, Transparency International [and others].



Materials and interviews

What is my story?

A photographer’s work is what they notice.
Vision — a mix of emotions which the person went through, life experience, which prescribes what exactly the person sees.

This is how from childhood I naturally developed the habit of observing people. My mother got sick when I was 5. Being a very well-educated and intelligent woman, she rarely complained about something or made requests, despite becoming less and less independent. In an attempt to help, to see the person’s needs in a silent, the skill to notice the smallest emotions, mood changings and shades of character got sharpened.

The photographic camera was found in one of the cabinet boxes in our living room in our house in the country village “Actor”, where I spent my summers among well-known artists of the Maly Theater. From the age of 12 I was taking pictures with an analogue camera.
Spying on the neighbour’s art, spending all the days in the house of the artist’s workshop, my fingers got glued to the camera more and more.

At the age of 15 my father gave me a small digital Pentax as a present. Although the camera was always with us and I was shooting a lot, at the age of 16, when my father passed away I realised that there are not so many pictures of him in the family archive left. As a result, I started to take pictures more and more. Thanks to a sea wave, which killed my Pentax and due to that I bought a professional digital camera.

At some point, I started modelling myself. That experience allows me to know exactly how it’s to be at on other side of the camera. I precisely know the whole Spector of emotions that can shackle in from of the camera and I know how to help to relax.

During my studies, I brought up determinateness, dealing with deadlines at the right time, ability to work in a team and work hard.

I got exhibited in world-renowned photography museums and became a speaker at international conferences about art, and diversity.

I moved my whole business to Germany many years ago, still considering Italy and Switzerland as my second home. Nowadays, I’m dealing with preparing concepts for major brands and private clients, epitomizing beauty in life and creating timeless memories which live long life.

“Whilst pursuing perfection and your dreams, it is important to not let fear hold you back. Keep the company of people that are close to you and who remain by your side in any situation.

Everyone has dreams, either big or small but not everyone fulfills them. However, even when your dreams start to materialize, it is still of utmost importance that it is you who takes the final step towards them. Only then will you be able to withstand criticism from your decisions.

The first time I was offered to showcase my work, I was fortunate enough for it to be my own solo exhibition. Although I hold a higher degree in economics and public administration, after receiving highly positive feedback from my exhibition, I made a decision to pursue a career in photography. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported my decision continues to do so.

To me photography is like writing. It is an opportunity to express my passion without making a single sound. I see this passion in my models, their feminine and elegant appearance, something I appreciate above all.

Life rushes by and can change in the blink of an eye, leaving moments unnoticed. Appreciate every moment and every feeling that grows in your heart. Love and do not be afraid to open up.”


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About photographer Inna Zaytseva. Inna Zaytseva Photography / Photographer in Munich, content creation
About photographer Inna Zaytseva. Inna Zaytseva Photography / Photographer in Munich, content creation

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