Egor Kochalovsky and Andrew Bilzho Portraits, EDITORIAL STORY

 during Venice carnival, Marie Claire issue 04/2017

Egor Konchalovsky and  Andrey Bildgo during Venice Carnaval.

Watch magazine, Konstantin Startsev

Константин Старцев
Константин Старцев
Константин Старцев
Константин Старцев

Nikita Zabelin

creator of Resonance, DJ, Afisha Daily 04/2019

DJ Nikita Zabelin
Никита Забелин диджей и ведущий музыкальной программы

Photographer for male, artistic or business portrait photo session in Munich  

Not every man like being posing for photography. At the same time you need a great portraits that can be used for the web site, presentation on the conference and represent your expertise. 

I feel you. 

I have years of experience as a portrait photographer behind my back working together with so many musicians, directors, CEO and great human being on the different level. I will create natural and relaxed atmosphere, so you can forget that we are taking new great business portrait for your needs. If you need a photographer whom you can trust your portrait, I am here for you.

I work in different locations. 

I am based in Munich, but happy to provide portrait photography service in other cities in Germany and Switzerland.

Just drop me a note with your wishes and we will make them happened. 

On this page there are portraits of Egor Konchalovsky, Stuart Lawson, Andrey Bildgo, Ermes Rinaldi, Alain Abramo, Junsuke Kinoshita, Marc Luet.

На этой странице на фотографиях Андрей Бильжо, Егор Кончаловский, Игорь Вдовин, Сергей Зверев, Никита Забелин, Алайн Абрамо, Ярослав Святославский, Константин Старцев, Владимир Мартынов.

new website for my wedding photography

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