Why Como Lake is so popular for weddings and engagement photo sessions?

Lake Como is a photographer’s paradise. It is offering a combination of soft natural light, diverse backdrops, and an undeniable romantic atmosphere that translates into stunning wedding photographs. 

Here you can find amazing wedding venues with a variety of historical locations. Lots of them will have breathtaking views of Lake Como, others can not have the view but would be cheaper to rent. 

Additionally, the golden hour bathes the surrounding landscape in a warm glow, perfect for capturing breathtaking shots of the scenery and the joy on your face. Sunset time is very popular for boat trips. Dozens of offers with boats of different designs can be found.  So, you can choose one that matches your wedding style. 

This variety of backgrounds like Lake view, inside and outside the Villa, on the boat, allows me, as a photographer, to create a diverse collection of photos that capture the joy of your wedding day in all the best aspects.

A wedding at Lake Como isn’t just about the ceremony. It’s an opportunity to create a truly unforgettable destination wedding experience for you and for your guests.

Lake Como is a haven for foodies and gourmets. It offers a broad range of fresh, local ingredients that are prepared into exquisite Italian cuisine. Imagine experiencing in a multi-course wedding feast featuring everything from delicate kinds of pasta and flavorful risottos to succulent seafood and tender cuts of meat. Local wineries provide a perfect complement with a selection of wines that will enhance the overall enjoyment of your wedding celebration.

photo from an engagement session on Lake Como during sunset where the couple is hugging and blond girl is smiling
A couple in white outfits are running towards the camera and laughing, no posed photo session with a church from Como Lake on the background

Lake Como is more than just a beautiful location.  It is a feeling.


How to find a wedding planner on Lake Como? Many wedding planners specialize in creating weddings at Lake Como. It is better to choose those who have local experience. Feel free to contact me for recommendations.

How to get to Como Lake? The closest airport is Milan Malpensa Airport. From there you can take a taxi or a train. The train from Milan will take you to the Lake within around an hour. A one-way ticket costs around 6 Euros.

Bride is sitting on a sofa and holding a hand of her groom in a hall of wedding venue in Canzo on Como lake
the couple is kissing elegantly, while the bride is sitting on the sofa and holding the face of her groom

Your photographer on Lake Como

The first time I went to the Lake Como, I cried. That is not an exaggeration. Dreaming about a wedding on the Lake? I feel you. I have experience with hundreds of weddings and love to bring a sense of art to them and highlight all the emotions of your guests.

If you want a photographer who doesn’t take things for granted, I am happy to help create beautiful memories both in editorial and natural story-telling styles.  

shot from a distance with a wedding ceremony on the venue in Canzo on Lake Como, it is full of guests and high cypress with soft light and mountains on the background


Lake Como isn’t just a pretty picture. It has lots of wedding venues that make hearts skip a beat. But with so many stunning villas to choose from, how do you pick the perfect one?  Don’t worry! This guide describes the most popular Lake Como wedding venues. You can rent them for wedding celebration, elopement or engagement photo sessions. 


  • Intimate and Private: Perfect for smaller weddings with a guest count under 50.
  • Lakeside Location: Stunning views and direct access to the water for a waterfront ceremony. Lush greenery creates a romantic setting for outdoor receptions.
  • Remote Location: Requires transportation for guests to reach the venue.
  • May require additional vendor services for catering and entertainment.


  • Grand and Historic: Offers a sense of grandeur and rich history for a truly unique experience. Boasts various gardens, terraces, and indoor spaces to suit different ceremony and reception styles.
  • On-site Catering: Provides the convenience of in-house catering services.
  • High Cost: One of the most expensive options on Lake Como.
  • Large Scale: May feel overwhelming for smaller, intimate weddings.


  • Renowned for its beautiful Renaissance architecture and stunning facade.
  • Perfect for an unforgettable outdoor ceremony overlooking the water.
  • Exclusivity: Offers complete privacy for your wedding celebration.


  • Offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for different wedding styles and sizes. Panoramic vistas of the Lake and surrounding mountains.
  • On-site Accommodation: Some on-site guest rooms for a more intimate wedding experience.
  • Located near a ferry route, occasional noise might disrupt the ceremony.


  • Iconic Location: A highly sought-after venue due to its stunning location and historical significance.
  • Perfect for intimate weddings due to its limited space.
  • High Cost: One of the most expensive wedding venues on Lake Como.
  • Limited Flexibility: Strict regulations regarding decorations and ceremonies.
  • Accessibility: Accessible only by boat, requiring transportation arrangements for guests.


  • Offers a luxurious backdrop for a grand wedding celebration.
  • On-site Spa and Activities: Provides additional activities and relaxation options for wedding guests.


  • On-site Accommodation: Offers limited on-site accommodation for some wedding guests.
  • Limited Size: May not be suitable for very large weddings due to its size.
  • Limited Amenities: May require additional vendors for catering and entertainment.
boat with otalian flag on the lake como and mountains on the background
Couple is sitting in a shiny orange colour boat in the middle of the water on Lake Como with clear sky and mountains on the background


Explore the historic city centre of Como Town. Start your exploring at the majestic Duomo (Cathedral) — a captivating example of Gothic architecture.

For breathtaking views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains, take a ride on the Como-Brunate funicular railway.  A funicular ride to Brunate for panoramic views. Please, check the timetable. Once I was taking pictures of a wedding down at the Lake and I had to take a taxi back. 

Take a boat to Bellagio. Bellagio —  a car-free zone, is best explored on foot. Bellagio is renowned for its wonderful gardens. A visit to the magnificent Villa Serbelloni is a must. This 17th-century villa, now owned by the Rockefeller Foundation, boasts exquisite terraced gardens adorned with a diverse collection of plants, flowers, and sculptures. Bellagio offers a delightful selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars, catering to all tastes.

Continue your boat trip to Varenna — an escape for romantics. Varenna is a charming town located on the eastern side of Lake Como. For a historic introduction to the region’s aristocratic past, you can visit the captivating Villa Monastero. This 16th-century villa, once a monastery, shows stunning Renaissance architecture and beautifully manicured gardens overlooking the Lake. If you decide to rent a kayak or a boat, you can glide across the crystal-clear waters, taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the charming towns dotting the shoreline. 

guests are having fun and screaming, full of positive emotions in Italian venue on lake Como


Cooking classes, wine tastings, and boat tours with opportunities for swimming and exploring hidden coves are popular options. You can also suggest your guests have a photo session with a view of Lake Como and I am happy to help with this request. 


Here you can find more stories from photo sessions in Italy. For example, a couple’s elopement in Milan, an engagement photosession on Lake Como, a wedding in Canzo close to Lake Como, a wedding on Lake Como in Viale Geno, and a story-telling engagement photo session in Rome.

 wedding couple is standing on the balcony of Italian venue looking to each other with beautiful mountains on the background

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