Engagement session during your holiday: a guide to a romantic photo session in Rome

Imagine yourselves during the walks through cobblestone streets, ancient ruins and the golden light of a Roman sunset painting the sky. You can imagine yourself in a scene from a movie. It’s the backdrop for your romantic photo session in Rome.

Why a photo session in Rome?

There’s a certain magic to capturing your love story in such a historical and romantic setting. A photo session in Rome isn’t just about posed pictures. It is more of an experience that’ll bring you warm memories forever. They will be full of unique backgrounds, transporting you back to the moments when you were laughing and happy, stolen kisses, and the unique energy of Rome.

Planning your perfect photo session in Rome

To ensure your Roman photo session is everything you dreamed of, here’s a roadmap to guide you:

Be ready for any type of weather: 

Spring and fall might offer ideal weather as it would be not so hot.  Summer can be hot and crowded, while winter offers a romantic, quieter atmosphere, but be prepared for shorter daylight hours.

I would add, Rome is beautiful at any time of the year. When choosing vacation time during the summer, be ready to get up earlier to avoid the crowds. 

Selecting your ideal locations

Rome provides lots of beautiful locations, each offering a unique feeling for you. Some Iconic Landmarks

The Colosseum creates a dramatic backdrop or can be a main landmark for your tourist photos. The Trevi Fountain can add a touch of magic with it’s cascading waters. I personally love the area around it, not necessarily with a fountain. You can also add a gelato break on the Spanish Steps to feel Italian dolce vita. Hidden Gems: Venture off the beaten path and explore the charming Trastevere neighbourhood with its colourful houses and intimate squares. Villa Borghese Gardens offers a calm escape. Janiculum Hill is a hill in western Rome, Italy. Although it is the second-tallest hill in the contemporary city of Rome. It will definitely provide breathtaking panoramic views. Add some extra layer: For a truly unique experience, rent a Vespa and whizz through the city. It will bring some extra shots during your photo session in Rome.  Grab a delicious gelato or some local deserts and share a playful moment.

If you were looking for a photographer and found me as somebody who resonates with you, I am more than happy to help you with a photo session in Rome. My photography is not about posing, it’s about storytelling about your experience. 


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If you can’t choose a proper location, still considering Como as an option for your photography background or have doubts regarding the clothes — feel free to text me. 

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