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Wheeling heart
A New Look at People with Disabilities
The wheeling heart
To change how society relates to people in wheelchairs

To show people in wheelchairs as equal partners.

To draw the audience's attention to the problems that physically-challenged people face with getting around, as well as the benefits that better accessibility could bring.
This project is based on the personal story of the author:
Inna Zaytseva had to fight for one and a half years to have a ramp installed at the
entrance to the Moscow housing block where her wheelchair-dependent mother
is living. From this example within her own family, the author of the project
keenly felt the psychological struggle of a loved one whose living conditions have suddenly changed.

The wheeling heart
We talk about love and are fascinated by unexpected beauty. We strongly believe that there are no limits to these concepts. We show viewers the power that a love for life has; it can conquer all. Abstracting away from the residential buildings, the metro, underground passageways, and shops that the disabled have to navigate with great discomfort every day, we speak with the audience in the language of art.
The project participants are active, charismatic, remarkable people who are wheelchair-dependent. They practice sports (such as basketball and volleyball), dancing, riding, fencing, they organize social and theatre projects, and they do much more besides. Twenty-one people are already participating in the project, and every day we find new participants with new aspirations and ideas which they are ready to boldly bring to life. Our heroes travel and live life to the fullest, so the city doesn't matter for the photo shoot. Locations are decided based on the journeys that the models have already planned (Paris, Black Sea, Caucasus) or the places where they live.

At the moment photos have been taken for 31 participants. We have reached an agreement with 4 more who are willing to participate and have their photos and interviews published.
We're organizing this project anywhere on Earth. We carry out an interview with each participant, during which the author of the project asks questions that help people better grasp the model's enthusiasm and feelings, and which reveal the model's interests that will serve as the basis for the particular image.

This is a game that will show the person in all his or her depth in the photo shoot. It is a game where, through the world of how our hero imagines him- or herself to look like, we show them as they really are.

Each image is developed in collaboration with a professional stylist in the fashion
shoot genre.
The goal of the photo shoot
is to present viewers with lovely photos
of the model that could have come from the pages of a glamour magazine and
which don't evoke feelings of pity, embarrassment, or excessive sympathy.
The wheeling heart
This art project includes photographs and audiovisual material created specially for the project, as well as interviews made available for publication on various media platforms.
Within the project, we plan to organize an exhibition in accordance with a certain concept.

A unique art space will be created, which will include:
- Prints of photographs taken with a medium-format camera;
- Video footage from the photo shoots that create a dynamic space and let people experience the unique atmosphere of each photo shoot;
- Texts with excerpts from the interviews with the models;
- Audio interviews (a phrase from each interview that can hook viewers, give a sense of coming into contact with our heroes, and make it feel like the subjects are present);
- Live music and a dress code for those attending the opening of the exhibition.
What can we offer exhibition visitors?

A complete immersion in an intimate, chamber-like exhibition space, where the images of people with disabilities are perceived as art objects. Each hero has two
stories that he or she is telling visitors: an imaginary one from the world of the
hero's fantasy our team recreates on the set, and his or her true story.

Viewers will enter a world of glossy fashion. We offer viewers the chance to look
directly into the eyes of people that are rarely seen out on the streets, people
who continue – in spite of our imperfect infrastructure – to lead active lifestyles
and make the most of the opportunities that they have.
The target audience of the exhibition

Everyone who is aware of the fragility and value of human health, and the amazing potential of the willpower and lust for life that every human being has inside him or her. Everyone who wants the urban environment to be more accessible and friendlier to people with different physical abilities.
Art album
An art album consisting of photographs, illustrations and excerpts from the interviews with the models.
The wheeling heart
Author, director and photographer of the project: Inna Zaytseva
Producers: Inna Zaytseva, Ekaterina Kovalenko
Styling: Alla Morozova, Elena Galubina, Ahha Bahareva, Anna Belozor, Nataly Plotnikova, Ekaterina Melnikova, Dali Gomkartieva
MUA & hair: Svetlana Komarova, Maria Afanasieva, Estefania Simon Almaraz, Anna Khomenko, Vitaly Gulaev, Alina Leonova, Maria Zueva, Makka Mujakhoeva, Petra Pezzimenti, Natalia Plotnikova, Daria Fritz
Video: Alexey Smirnov, buccibucciproduction, Ruslan Randzabar, Alexey Gulevich, Vladimir Stekachev, Nikita Rodionov, Vladimir Stekachev, Nikita Rodionov, Nikita Goryachkin, Ibragim Ozdaev, Alan Tokaev, Kirill Ershov
Video editor: Stanislav Lebedev, Karina Gorodenskaya, Alexander Nazarov, Gosha Golitsyn
Florist: Irina Verkhoglyadova
Interview: Olga Sherbakova, Ksenia Dityatkina, Assol, Alina Vinogradova, Inna Zaytseva, Anton Gorodetskiy, Nataliya Vasileva, Alexander Medvedev, Maria Silvestrova, Ekaterina Serova, Antonina Ivanova, Mary Dimaki-Lvova
Illustrations: Alexandra Lucerna and Anna Susanyan, Alina Yumagulova, Nailya Butusova, Margarita Korsakova, Evgeniya Shubina, Olga Padun, Anna Goldina, Maria Baklemishena
Design: Inna Zaytseva, Alexandra Lucerna, Ilya Dudakov, Dzabrail Matiev
PR and marketing: Ksenia Dytatkina
Legal support: Varvara Alitovskaya, Michael Kantor, Petr Polikarpov
Inna Zaytseva

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