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Collaboration with Stuart Lawson
Stuart discuss the most exciting issues about leadership with top CEO of banks in Russia.
Grass is greener
on the other side
Every one of us thinks about where they want to be at this moment and where they want to be in the future. Everything can change for one within only a day. When travelling, having conversations with others and looking at photographs it seems like far away there is a different and happy life waiting for us. This life might lay ahead of us in another country or even on another continent. But have you ever thought about what brought the person here that is sitting at the table in the café next to you who is speaking another language? This is the start of a project about those courageous people who decided to move to Russia and enjoy living here.
Invisible obviousness
About people who work in service
Facets of the diamond
Мы рождаемся и проживаем длинную и насыщенную жизнь. Рождаемся в семьях, наполненных теми или иными культурными ценностями, религиозными представлениями. Мы можем на это повлиять, но не всегда. А ведь могли начать жизнь в совсем другом месте или придти в течении жизненного пути.
Фантазия рассказов
Посвящается 200-летию Ивана Сергеевича Тургенева
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